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Army Open House

September 6th, 2009

The story goes that a huge group of National Servicemen, who all spend 5 tough days a week stuck in camp, decided to spend more time in a military environment. And so they all went for the Army Open House today, on a beautiful Saturday which normally is very treasured by them.

P1020094 [550x550]

Another story mentions something about them being forced to attend the event, but I’m not clear on the exact details of that. Maybe you can decided for yourself.

Anyway, so there were cool war machines.

P1020076 [550x550]

Maybe one day the military forces around the world will understand that by just selling off one of their war machines, they have enough money to travel to a third-world country, feed every single hungry child in the slums for some years, and then attain the status of God and maybe even immortality. Also, you would probably have done enough good in this world to go to heaven twenty-three times over.

There were a few booths and areas that had us laughing our sanity away.

Like how they renamed the grueling ‘Standard Obstacle Course’ (which has a lower passing rate than the toughest Additional Mathematics test you took in school) to ‘Adventure Land’.

P1020079 [550x550]

P1020080 [550x550]

And how the horrible, acne-inducing camouflage cream is being introduced as FACE PAINTING to the public.

P1020084 [550x550]

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