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42 Days

August 8th, 2009

That’s how long it has been since my last entry.

Blogging just simply fell out of my list of routine to-do’s as I still struggle to lead a normal civilian life outside of Army. And I have two days (weekends) out of each week to do that.

I still check and read through the 25 odd emails I receive every day. I still keep myself updated with blogs and news. I still follow TV series, movies, anime and manga. And I still monitor my little portfolio of stocks.

Which all takes up 130% of my time, even as I try to accomplish as much these tasks as possible in camp, using the mobile broadband on my phone I specially signed up for.

I’m the guy who lies awake in bed after lights-out timing, updating himself on the daily stock market activities in the darkness using his phone, while half of his bunk mates are chatting away to their girlfriends and parents. The other half are sleeping seven hours a day, about 1-2 precious hours more than me.

The first phase of my School of Infantry Specialist (SISPEC) is coming to an end. I’m left with one more week of the Basic Section Leader Course (BSLC), which is pretty much just a graduation parade and cleaning up everything before we leave. Life has been better, but it still has to improve.

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