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Licence to uh-

June 28th, 2009

I obtained my private boating licence over the week, mailed to me after I passed my final practical test over my block leave.

DSC_0003 [550x550]

So now I can go out and drive a yacht in the highly cramped waters of Singapore.

Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence sounds like I am now capable of operating this mechanical sex machine or something.

I have this personal goal of obtaining all the licences for all the elements of travelling – on land, on water and through air. I did intended to take up piloting a few months ago, but it was unrealistic on the long term as National Service would disrupt my course. I’ll get my driving license sorted out within the next few months.

Uh. Well.

RIP Michael.

It’s utterly sad to know that someone who is so massively talented died in his life’s low, when preparing for his comeback. I don’t know. Let me go shuffle and play my iPod’s MJ albums.

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