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Moving Forward

June 21st, 2009

I’ve been posted to the School of Infantry Specialists, also commonly known in the Army as SISPEC and Suffer In Silence Plus Extra Confinement.

It’s basically a course to become a Sergeant, and you’ll pass out from it as a 3rd-Sergeant after 6 months.

I’m not too sure what to make of it, and there are many differing opinions on how life is like in there.

So, anyway, you may have already noticed, I’ve changed the photo of the homepage. It’s a cropped image from one of my Passing Out Parade photos. I guess it reflects better on my current status.

Today is also the last day of my 12-days block leave, which apparently is the longest holiday I have in the whole of my NS. It’s quite a sad and difficult fact to comprehend.

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