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Section Chalet

June 18th, 2009

After having an eight-weeks chalet at Pulau Tekong, my section mates (ie. bunk mates) weren’t satisfied enough so we extended our stay together with a chalet at East Coast Park two days ago.

In between playing soccer at the futsal court at East Coast at the blistering rate of $90/hr, playing at a LAN shop nearby and simply doing silly things on the Wii, we went cycling.

And then we decided to go on a little adventure through the night.

Our journey would first take us through the stretch of East Coast Park, which was over 6km long from where we were.

And then we took the park connector linking Changi Beack Park and East Coast Park, stretching along Changi Airport for over 10km.

Which brings us to our first destination. The SAF Ferry Terminal (which bought us to Tekong). We just wanted to have a last laugh look at it. Because, y’know, to put away our bad memories of it.

Passing through Changi Park and Changi Village, I bought my friends to Old Changi Hospital because they haven’t been there. I realised that visiting a supposedly-haunted place for the second time really wears off the novelty of the idea, and I felt like sleeping when I came out.

We proceeded down Loyang Avenue to Tampines, turned into Simei, then Tenah Merah before reaching Bedok and finally East Coast Park. That stretch was about 16km of non-stop cycling through neighbourhoods, but traffic lights really disrupts your momentum.

We reached back the chalet at 7.30am, clocking in 5 hours of cycling. Distance cycled in total comes to about 40km.

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