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April 10th, 2009

Through my A-Levels last year, I was so deprived that I came up with a list of the things I will do durig the Post A-Levels period.

This period is probably one of the best times in your life. Of course, before you enlist for NS or enroll in a University, that is. While this period ended for many in January, I had the fortune of having an additional 3 months. And it’s now ending for me.

So what do I do? Reflect on whatever I’ve done, of course.

1. New web host + domain + entire site?

2. The Helix Store

3. Work Lab (Lab@Home)

I decided that I wanted to step away from Lab work for a while. Also, I think a dedicated work lab is not that feasible.

4. Musical Twin Tesla Coils (Lab@Home)

A collaboration with Shaun. With him stuck in camp always, it’s difficult to coordinate especially when I have half the materials and he has the other half. I met him yesterday to pass him everything, to continue work while I’m at BMT in Tekong.

5. Science Buskers

We won 2nd! $650 along with a one-year contract with the Science Centre.

6. Lasik Surgery

4 months later and I still have perfect vision! It’s 6/6 in both eyes individually, and 6/4.2 if used together.

7. Driving

If you’re a private candidate like me, sitting for all your tests takes forever. But yes, I did start.

8. Flying

Decided to scrap this because of the length of time it would take. Even if I were to fly every week, something not really in NS, it would take me 9-12 months to obtain my private pilot licence.

9. Get a Job

I ended up with too many jobs!


I decided to leave this to after the Tesla Coil project.

11. Astronomy Olympiads

Unrealistic with NS. Meh.

12. Business Start-up

Did this! I wanted to venture into computer consulting and web development, but the latter was enough to keep me occupied. I registered the business Helix Enterprises, to charge the invoices as a private vendor.

13. Non-Profit Start-up?

Nah, donít think this will be any good.

14. Multi-Touch Digital Table (Lab@Home)

And I’ll leave this to after my Lasers project, which will be after my Tesla Coil project. Eh.

15. Patents

No time! Maybe in the army?

16. Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award

Nah. I had enough of competitions. And I was even working for the department of Science Centre which organises the TKK Award.

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