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Astronomy.SG v2.0

March 29th, 2009

After some days working hard to get it completed, Astronomy.SG v2.0 is released!


Go poke around at the Astronomy.SG website right now and enjoy the new design. It’s pretty cool and neat, at least in my opinion. But of course that doesn’t say much since I also created the disastrous design you see right here on this blog.

But I do hope it’s better. Really.

One of the main reasons why I had a redesign was because the old design was not compatible with Internet Explorer 6, and over 40% of the visitors to the website still uses IE6!

However, even with the new design, the website is STILL not compatible with IE6. It’s a strange error I’ve spent many fruitless hours trying to fix. It works when you visit the website, but when you click on a link and go on to another page within the website, the layout completely falls apart.


For that problem, a message will appear at the top of the page for IE6 users, telling them to get to their senses and upgrade from that piece of crap software.


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